Friday, December 28, 2012

Windows 8

Windows 8 review

I created the blog after reading thousands of different pieces of review in different websites. Now I think that I must start a review blog and post about whatever I use. I chose windows 8 as the first post as this will be the main base of all the reviews that coming from the key press in a brand new HP laptop with windows 8.
Let’s start the blog and the review.
 Giving rating to this wonderful operating system is really tough one as it varies from person to person and job to job. Neutrally I can give rating on some points:

For Developer
For Basic internet user
For the first time pc user
As a future operating system

Let’s point out the difficulties when you first time open Windows 8:
1.       The Start menu is absent.
2.       Command prompt is not available.
3.       You can open the application but don’t know how to close that.
4.       You will not find notepad.
5.       You will see a glimpse of your windows phone in your first screen.
6.       Finding calculator is a hell.
7.       In regular reflex you will press windows key but every time it will pop up the apps screen.
8.       If you don’t know the windows phone world finding a Facebook apps is a hell.
9.       At last you managed to enter into your desktop but where is “My computer”
10.   If you are pro user and want to find the Control Panel you need to do lots of stuff
11.   Most of the windows shortcut changed ( don’t say CTRL+C , CTRL+D are still same)
12.   Click on any media it will open in a full screen view apps.
13.   Frustrated after an hour but you can’t find how to shut down the computer.
Is there everything difficult in windows 8? Not at all baby. Live with change. You only need internet explorer to find the solution for all.
                This operating system is a biggest step of Microsoft to the future of computing. They integrated the mobile apps world and the regular software world together and gave an excellent look and feel. And yes you have to cope up with the change of nature.
I am not writing all the solution here but let me help you to gel up with the first view problems:
1.       Start menu is absent but there is some workaround. Stardoc has created an application which will create the start menu for your windows 8. The application runs awesome and gives you the ultimate experience for the windows 8 in terms of windows 7 with added advantage of apps world. And yes it is only 5$ a little price for all the convenience. \
2.       Command prompt is available in apps window. Only you need to do a right click on the window and select “All apps” in bottom right. Then drag the slide bar to the right most and you will see command prompt under windows live column.
If you want to access it frequently you need to go to below location
C:\Users\<User folder>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools
right click on command prompt and send to desktop. That will create a shortcut of command prompt. Enjoy the dos world.
3.       Take your mouse to the left top position of your screen you will see the other open window.
Slide few pixel down and you can see the entire open application window. Right click on each and select close.
4.       Go to the below location and send to desktop
C:\Users\<User folder>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories
5.       Windows mobile and the first screen is almost same. Except you can drag your important application in first column.
6.       Go to below screen and send the calculator to your desktop
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories
7.       Forget windows key as of now. You will be used to it when you come to know the wonderful new shortcuts. Check this link for the new shortcuts
8.       For finding your windows apps press windows button+C a sidebar will come out. Click on the magnifying glass and type desired apps and select “store” in below the text box. You may need to scroll down a little bit to get “Store” but when you select that you will get what you want.
9.       Desktop don’t contain “My Computer” you need to go to below location and send “Computer” to your desktop
C:\Users\<User Folder> \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools 
10.   Control panel is available in “All apps” section. Find it and pin to your location.
11.   Already defined in point 7
12.   Once you have the file right click and change it to Media player or the player you use. I use VLC for every media except picture.
13.   Don’t get frustrated. Press windows+C button it will open the sidebar( they call it charm Bar) then select the Settings icon. Shutdown is there under power button. Click it and you will see the restart button also.

Now your all problem solved. Rest of the things you can do on your own.
                Let’s now write a shortest review on it:
To me windows 8 is just a futuristic operating system whose time is yet not came. People still love simplicity and they don’t want to mess up everything in a single device. We saw that all-in-one music system was phased out slow by slow. Walkman converted to CD player, then DVD player, then iPods. But no one wants to see a movie in the iPods though it is eligible to run the video file. People love miniature phone when it migrated from the big handset. But invention of smartphone and now if you see the screen size of the phone you may understand that always combining everything into it is not always a good thing.
                Microsoft has to sell their product and they can invent everyday but we people don’t need every invention to live our life. The transition from windows 7 to windows 8 is a big flip over the usability. Some people love, some people don’t need these changes. They want a better accessibility and connectivity. That’s all. So better not use this new operating system if you are not a gig. Wait for some time and let it mature some more.
                I am almost sure that Microsoft will definitely understand the demand of start menu and will launch an update version or the new Windows 9. I am waiting to hear the same story for what windows vista failed and windows 7 is the most successful operating system ever.  
                But for the people who love to dribble the odds of silicon magic please keep your eye on this wonderful operating system. You don’t need a review from me. You can judge on your own and you will definitely feel the smell of future operating system. So enjoy as I am enjoying playing and inventing the new ways to be master of windows 8.


  1. I used a tablet PC since 2006.
    I used it for handwriting recognition.
    Guess what's missing in windows 8 ?
    Handwriting Recognition Training.
    This basically means, half of what I write won't be recognized on first try.
    If that feature is moved back, I might be sticking with Windows 8.

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  3. I thought about sending this to a recent vendor who provides Win8 with their machines!!!

    I just bought a new notebook computer, which has Windows 8 installed, which I gave as a gift, to my wife!.

    She plays many games on and is an active subscriber. The previous laptop (hers) was from a competitor of yours running
    Windows Vista.

    All games worked on older O/S, but

    now with new laptop, Win 8, running in desktop mode, with latest Java update (apparently not seen by IE-10) half of her games won't launch. I bragged about how good the BigP computer is but am submitting this ticket to seek some initial RECOMMENDATIONS, to guide me, to best approach which you can select from below!

    Java 15 update, not found on new BigP notebook (but is there and enabled), fails to be seen, while in desktop mode, on Win 8 machine! Customer cannot play games she always has!

    1. Try another Browser like Chrome, IE 10 does not support plug ins, but we will continue to provide IE.
    2. Thank You for your purchase, quit playing Pogo, try some other game.
    3. Run IE-10 in compatibility mode which may interfere with some games, which work really better on earlier O/S
    4. Let us think about issue while you resubmit ticket on Win 8 computer via BPSA that comes with win8 machine!
    5. Cut and paste this ticket info via your sparkling new BigP machine then we can help you.
    6. Throw new PC away and get an older BigP product that still has Win7
    7. Quit using desktop mode get a mobile device (you get true benefits of metro apps).
    8. Ask her why is she using "Desktop Tile" when she could get a tablet, and then sync with her new laptop remotely via "metro features"

    BigP, many of the comments above are what I see as arguments, possibly, as to why, her brand new BigP, won't run Java 15, what do you do!