Tuesday, March 25, 2014

P.F Chang

It was my wife’s birthday. We all know that you can forget anything in this world but not your wife’s birthday. If you forget one time in your life you will definitely never forget again. You know what I mean.
                This time it was Monday and I took a day off from my office to be with her and cooked a nice lunch this time. But you know dinner in a restaurant is really mandatory to celebrate birthday. Either you celebrate with your friends or alone like this time for me.
                We planned for P.F Chang this time a well-known Asian themed American restaurant. We went in P.F Chang two years before in Torrance, California when we first came to USA and as usual we didn't liked the food but yes we like the ambiance and cordiality.
                We firstly thought to go for an expensive classy restaurant to celebrate her birthday but this time she wants to go to P.F Chang. In reply of my “why” she replied, “Let’s revisit a place which we didn't like in first year of marriage.” I said, “Okay”.
                We both are great fan of Thai food and if you don’t mix with all Thai, Filipino, Mongolian, Korean and Japanese into so called “Chinese” food then you definitely know they are really different in nature. And literally I don’t like Chinese food as they are much blunt than any other cuisine in Asia.
                We reached there around 9 o’clock at Monday night but there were lots of people. We secured a nice place and really felt good to choose this restaurant for that special day. If you go to any other authentic Asian restaurant you will get a unique smell of DON’T KNOW WHAT. And the smell is pretty consistent in the entire authentic restaurant. But as this is a mix there was no smell.
                Taking a look my eye stopped on “Thai Rice” and “Tuna Tataki”; Thai and Japanese menu in Chinese American restaurant. Nice, let’s try it. My wife said, “No”. She read somewhere in Yelp that they have best Lettuce wraps as starter and Singapore street noodle as main course. She is the boss. So I agreed. We ordered along with Firecracker chicken the best phony name I saw in the menu.
                Drinks came, for her STRAWBERRY CUCUMBER LIMEADE (Alcohol free) and for me Blue Moon. Wait a minute I asked for Draft beer but she came with a bottle of blue moon and when I asked showing menu she told me check twice, alas! It was Craft beer not Draft. So I accepted. But anyway her drink was fabulous. It’s strawberry lemonade with grated cucumber, fabulous and unique taste.
                 Lettuce wrap came and I really want to thank yelp-ers who give a high rating for lettuce wrap in P.F Chang. First time spicy lovers will also love but they will feel bit sweeter and there was lots of chestnut which I like most.
                Then the noodles and chicken came. Let me say first that the amount what you expect in other Chinese shop is not same in P.F. Chang. They are not bit pricey they are really pricey. Normally we order and take a big portion home. But this time those were not adequate (We don’t eat rice given in side).
                Chicken was fabulous. If you like spicy you should have it in place of ginger chicken. Lots of ginger like taste was there along with the sweet sauce and hint of Thai basil. Battered chicken deep fry sautéed with sauce , ginger and basil is what they called Fire Cracker chicken ( I remember fire cracker sushi roll with shrimp tempura inside).    
                Next is the Singapore street noodle. Don’t know how it tastes in Singapore Street but it’s really similar when you eat in Indian street only exception is this is made with rice noodle. My wife added some sault on it to make it tastier and it became awesome.

                All along the service was pretty good which reflects in my tip and we both were happy. Oh! I forgot to mention that the Chinese restaurant was playing Katy Perry not Yu Zonglin which definitely soothe your ear. 

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