Monday, March 11, 2013

Lucky Garden Restaurant, Bloomington,IL

My wife was so much depressed that day. I had to cheer her face up. After a long day of trying to be joker and make her smile, I thought to bring some happiness with a wonderful dinner. In Bloomington, IL there is never scarcity of restaurant. Good, better, worst all type of restaurant and all type of cuisine are present there. We used to try different restaurant when I visit that place fortnightly. We used to try different kind of food based upon our mood and demand of tongue.
                But that night I didn’t want to try. I want her to be happy with an already tasted food from a visited restaurant. So we chose Sushi from Lucky Garden. In last visit they did show their best and we were so glad about their hospitality. Previously we had best Sushi in Tokyo Sushi, MI. but Lucky garden exceeded by their taste of Dragon Role.
                We were bit late. Almost 9-30 we visited the restaurant. Some people were there. I asked the waiters that are they open. With a wide smile she responded affirmative and we get in. the restaurant have a retro-modern look with Chinese setup (Though they have Japanese sushi in their cuisine).
                Last visit they gifted me a calendar where the Chinese calendar was printed. The same man, who gifted me the calendar, screwed up this dinner completely.
                After getting seated a sweet lady asked us about the drink and left. She came back within 2 min with our drink and asked if we are ready or not. I told her that we are checking as we were checking the Sushi menu and we don’t eat raw. She went back but within 2 minute the guy came who gave the calendar to me.
                He is taller chubby man with a chubby voice. He was having excellently worse vocabulary and throwing of English is worse than me. In last visit I asked the name of a symbol from the calendar. He failed. I was amazed. Neither he is Chinese neither Japanese nor American. So what he is doing in a Chinese restaurant in America. May be he is Korean.
Whatever, lets not talk about his race as I am also struggling with my English pronunciation. But he came with an attitude that they are going to close their kitchen by 9-45 and we have to order now. I said all right. And the lady came out from behind and he gestured her to take our order. The situation was like “Okay I slapped them…. Now you kill”. The gesture was really offensive in terms of etiquette in America. But we ordered. We ordered in hurry. And we ordered wrong.
We ordered a curry and two sushi role (California role and Tiger eye [I forgot the name. It was in the last in special sushi menu.]) Fortunately the curry was excellent. It was awesome and you will lick your finger if you use your finger as spoon. The gravy was brown and brown sauce never fails.
Both plates came at the same time. Seeing the Sushi plate we understood our mistake. Raw salmon was on the Tiger role. She asked me that we are okay with it or not. But she was not in mood to change that. Normally they have to do their business. Seeing her hesitation the man came and said, “Normally you people don’t eat raw. I don’t know why you ordered.” I don’t know what “You people” means. I am from a country where 23 national language is present. So there is no mean to “You people”. He should learn to talk before serving food.
Anyway, with a smile I accepted the sushi as I don’t have problem to eat raw and I love Sashimi. But my wife don’t eat. Unfortunately the night was to cheer her. We started eating.
The worst part came after. The guy came with the check and asking that we can pay it now. We were in middle of the curry. I gave him my credit card without seeing the check, as I was so angry facing that behavior. He came back and told me to sign the receipt. I was not in mood to give any tip for their worst service. And that shameless guy said, “No tips????” I stopped eating and saw his face and said, “No”.
From then onwards the guy was standing and looking towards our table with a very irritating look. His body language was saying, “When will you finish???”
My wife got so much irritated and stopped eating. We left wasting half of our money.
I completely understand that we were late. They also have to go to home. They also have their family waiting in dinner table. Then why you told us to have dinner there. We can carry out our order. You should say it upfront. No need for this kind of humiliation.
                My purpose to visit there was not solved and her depression converted to anger. I want to give 10 out of 10 about the food from my two visits. But that tall man should be ignored when visit. A worthless and ill-mannered fellow. 

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  1. Really Pathetic.....
    that fat guy should be FIRE.....