Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thai House

Thai House, Bloomington, IL

805 Morrissey Dr. Bloomington, IL

It was stomach full evening. The heavy lunch was not yet drained by peptic juices. We knew that the situation gonna change and we will feel hunger in at night. So we decided to go visit some restaurant which we never visit. Thai House was in 2 mile.
Sometime before we were there but that day they closed early. This time they were open. It was a nice setup and authentic Thai touch was everywhere.
There was no one at door but a good crowd grabs almost all the table. This was the first visit and I saw most of the servers are white girls. That didn’t made me happy as I have really bad experience with Noodles and company, Pad Thai  
A white lady cladded with Thai traditional dress came and told us to sit with a nice smile. The menu was almost same as other Thai restaurant. I was trying to searching at least one item in the menu which can make any difference.
So we ordered:
·         Tom Yum Shrimp soup
·         Chicken Pad Thai.
·         Fried rice with --- Crab, basil, scallop, cucumber, cilantro, lime(that days special)
·         Pad Prik Bamboo.
Tom yum Soup was excellent except they added lime juice with lime leaf. It was much sour as it normally goes. But we enjoyed as the hotness and amount of sault was perfect for an Indian taste bud.
Chicken pad Thai was looked something different than other Pad Thai I tasted. It was not the flat noodles. It was normal rice noodle with all the spices. The taste was mind blowing and all blend well.
The fried rice we ordered without scallops but they didn’t remove that. But it’s okay. The taste was really awesome and people who don’t love sticky rice’s in oriental restaurants this was the best nonstick Thai fried rice I ever had.
 At last the Pad Prik. I never heard this name but a little research in internet got me understand that Pad prik are stir fry. But what I had was with Brown sauce or gravy. But whatever the name is the dish was fabulous. I want to return back only for that dish. It was some piece of bamboo sautéed in an oyster sauce with basils.
Last but not least the check came with two small pieces of cheese cake and a Fortune roll (Not fortune cookie) and also that tastes fabulous. Whatever the fortune roll told is really don’t matter as they never let you down.
So my overall rating is 8 out of 10.
Let’s see the break up:
Thai  flavor
What you saw what you eat


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